The Sexual Harassment Episode – Episode 24

Season 2 begins with a round up of the movement to expose and topple evil and powerful men who have histories of harassing and assaulting people.

We talk about Matt Lauer’s button, Charlie Rose’s robe, and Garrison Keillor’s “prairie home companion.”

Karim and I take a close look at the “Silence Breakers” TIME People of the Year.

We focus our discussion on explaining how these men are NOT Conscious Leaders. In fact, they are not leaders at all. They come from a long line of men who hide behind their power and practice constant sexual harassment and often sexual violence.

This is not a fun topic, but I hope you will find it interesting as we break down the crazy times we are in. We make fun of the ridiculous things these men did and how stupid they are to try and deny the crescendo of accusations.

We talk about some other stories you have not heard in the news – Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Andy Signore of Honest Trailer & Screen Junkies.

There are a lot of female voices lifting up the chorus of victims. It is important for us to recognize the power and place for men to also speak out and raise the alarm when we see these abuses.

Keep fighting.

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