English is your first Language – Episode 23

English is probably your first language. For a few generations now, English has been the language of business and science. This means that energetic and promising young minds around the world want to learn English.

Karim, our co-founder, speaks English as a second language. He speaks Arabic fluently and probably a few others. Fluency is not asking where el baño is. Karim literally can understand complex engineering concepts in more than one language. Pretty sweet.

While at college in Columbus at The Ohio State University, Karim met Daniel Montague.

Today’s episode, we interview Daniel about his new business as a matchmaker for aspiring teachers of English as a foreign language (TEFL).

TEFL Recruits has been in business for over a year. This is a critical time for an entrepreneur. Daniel and his wife are working on expanding their business to help even more English speaking college grad to navigate the waters of a career teaching English.

His approach is personal and engaged. Best of all for recruits, his services are FREE! The schools pay him to find quality recruits to fill their positions. Having spent years teaching in these locations himself, he is able to make sure that the school that he is sending recruits to is high quality and exceeds certain standards.

From TEFL Recruits Facebook Page:  

I knew nothing about this part of the global economy before spending an hour with Daniel who was on a quick trip in Ohio on his way back to South Africa.

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