The Goulet Pen Company – Episode 21

Pop quiz! What do you talk about on youtube to get 75k subscribers or 640k views on a single video…

Times UP!

The answer, of course, is FOUNTAIN PENS!

Today we are joined by Brian Goulet of The Goulet Pen Company. A business founded by Brian and Rachel Goulet.

Karim is kind of a pen nerd. Brian is a pen entrepreNerd!

Brian, educated in commercial real estate, tired of traveling and business suits, began a woodworking hobby. Slowly, the shape of a pen emerges from his lathe and a business is born!

Not quite.

Listen to the full interview to understand how a hobby turns into a business. Plus hear Karim geek out over the personal note he received in his first fountain pen purchase.

Visit The Goulet Pen Company’s youtube channel if you need to understand hooded nibs a bit more.

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