Danielle Evans – Marmalade Bleue – Episode 19

We knew that Danielle would be the perfect columbus creative entrepreneur to feature for our last podcast of Creative Entrepreneur Week.

When I emailed to set up this interview, Danielle asked me to meet at her house in Schumacher Place to save on her car2go bill, “just let me know if you can accommodate my bizarre millennial lifestyle.”

When I met Danielle Evans at her home, I saw the sketches above on her work table. As the founder of Marmalade Bleue, a creative agency that specializes in photo illustration and typography, Danielle has been in all our homes! Her work is so present in our lives you may be watching a Fazoli’s commercial watching cheesy hearts burst like fireworks and not realize it is Danielle who is making you hungry. To give you an idea of the creative process, check out this video from a Columbus Monthly project.

Her client list includes Target, Disney, American Greetings, Aria, TAZO, FYI for SXSW, Lays, Parade, Condé Nast, Tesco, Bath & Body Works, Cadillac, Purina, theGuardian, FOUR, DiGiornio’s, The Washington Post, Seattle Times, LDS , and Kellogg.

She has an incredible positive energy and her business has a terrific positive momentum. She discusses the control she can give up, like getting an agent and an accountant, and what she needs to hold onto – creative control.

Here is the TWO minute documentary from one of her projects for Target. She discusses how she is inspired in the impermanence of her work.

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Also, HUGE shout out to our producer/engineer/sound god, Adam, who was able to edit and upload all three of these podcasts this week among his 4 other hustles. Thanks Adam!

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