Elaine Grogan Lutrull – Minerva Financial Arts – Episode 18

Elaine Grogan Luttrull – founder of Minerva Financial Arts, author of Arts and Numbers, and Department Head of Business and Entrepreneurship at CCAD sat down with Daniel from Entreprenerds Podcast to discuss the language of business and how she has spent her career translating that into the artist lexicon. The following are some reactions to her work and her book:

“No longer shall the artist be fearful of finances.” —Columbus Alive!

“Too often, creative professionals push aside financial matters to the detriment of their artistic pursuits. Wading through tax documents and scouring up money for rent payments are all-too-familiar staples of the artistic lifestyle…. This volume is an engaging, accessible guide that covers a variety of topics.” —Opera America


Below is a great reminder to creatives of all disciplines painted outside of CCAD.

A gleaming beacon of creative inspiration, the ART sculpture designed by Doris Schlayn rises above CCAD’s campus.

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Thank you to Elaine for the great interview!

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