Justin Johnston, Wild Goose Creative – Episode 17

*photo by Lauren Garms for Columbus Underground

We launch Creative Entrepreneur Week with our interview with Justin Johnston. Justin became the inaugural Executive Director of Wild Goose Creative in 2015. Before that role, he worked as a classically trained clarinetist, performing with the Chicago Symphony, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Toronto Symphony and toured the world as a Schleswig-Holstein Fellow.

Entreprenerds first visited Wild Goose Creative during #WildArtColumbus. This is a month-long program that draws together the best of social media and the gathering energy of community-driven arts. Each day/artist was sponsored by a local business, organization, or individual. Entreprenerds sponsored Mackenzie Burkhardt

We love what Justin and the Wild Goose team provide the community. He confidently asserts that Columbus is not just the #1 Tech Startup City in America, but also is the #1 Creative Startup City as well.

We do not disagree – Wild Goose is a huge part of that. 

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