Startup Week part 1 Claire Coder & Tom Burden – Episode 15

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This week, we share part one of the show that featured our partnership with our friend Matt Neff from EntreNeato to deliver podcast gold!

We love Columbus Startup Week! We worked closely with Mike Nemeth who organized the event with TechStars and other sponsors like Chase and Rev1 Ventures. So proud of what our city can accomplish when we work together to foster great programming for our most exciting entrepreneurial minds.

Part 1 of these recordings include a conversation with 2 awesome pitch competition winners.

  • Claire Coder – founder of Aunt Flow. Aunt Flow is a for profit social enterprise subscription box business that features 100% cotton pads and tampons delivered to your door AND delivers a box of the same quality to non profits and organizations that need them in the community. They recently launched their B2B business so that customers and employees don’t have to leave when they need a tampon. We love Claire and the entire Aunt Flow team! You can even see her entrepreneurial energy in action on TLCs Girl Starter!

  • Tom Burden – founder of GRYPMAT. “The world’s most versatile tool tray.” Tom spent the last 8 or 9 years in the U.S. Air Force as an F-16 mechanic. His tools slid off his aircraft dozens of times. Then, he had a eureka moment when he saw a flexible grippy material holding his mother’s cellphone effortlessly on her car dashboard. The GRYPMAT was born!

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