Wolf’s Ridge – Chris Davison – Episode 014

So this is a very straight forward blog. We are here to talk about BEER!

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Specifically Columbus Craft Beer Week and Wolf’s Ridge Brewing with Head Brewer Chris Davison. Here is a picture of Chris.

If you do not want to listen to the podcast, here is the summation: Chris loves beer more than he loved UPS – so much, in fact that he was going to leave Ohio for Colorado to maybe get a job in beer. Instead, CBC gave him a chance, then Wolf’s Ridge gave him a calling. They are very happy. Now we have sour beers coming out next week! Also, his MBA is not in Master of Beer that’s Amazing – but that would be awesome!

Karim and I agree with half of Columbus (the beer drinking half) – Clear Sky DayBreak is a triumph! Thanks to Chris and his amazing inspired friends at One Line Coffee, we have a Cream Ale infused with vanilla bean and light roast coffee.  

Here is a video of Daybreak being bottled!

Chris is releasing Terre du Sauvage from their Wild Heritage Series on May 18th – right in the middle of Craft Beer Week! These barrels are not that.

Here is a picture of rice hulls. I am not sure what they were for, but Chris assured me they were very important.

And finally a poorly composed panorama of the big stainless things.

We also mentioned these things:

Cheryl Harrison and Drink Up Columbus

Jacob Wooten and Platform

The Saturday Giant



Some pictures were unwittingly borrowed from Wolf’s Ridge.

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