Macy’s Twilight Zone – Episode 008


We have a great show for you.

We begin talking about an article I published on LinkedIn regarding the demise of Macy’s. Just under 2000 people have read the article and continue to engage with me with comments and messages regarding the news.

We cover sincerity, and my upcoming book: Make Them Feel Important.

Find a way to engage your customers with sincere interest in them as individuals.

Great example of service from Sunglass Hut.

Karim introduced the idea of showrooming – where consumers identify the product in a brick and mortar store, then they use Amazon or another website to purchase it.

Finding great people related – I referenced the article written by the head of recruiting of LinkedIn. He asks all his job applicants the same question: “What are you most passionate about? Using the whiteboard, explain to me the process of how it works.”

We also mentioned the 100,000 new jobs at Amazon.

This led to a conversation of how Jeff Bezos is the guy everyone wants to grow up to be...

Of course, Conscious Capitalism found its way into the podcast.

We even covered bad service experiences….most movie theaters and SiriusXM. (although I then mentioned a GREAT place to check out a movie – The Drexel).

Moral of the story is: Listen to your customers, pay attention, and do the right thing.

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