True Originals – Episode 007

True Originals – in this episode (30 minutes): Adam GrantCasey Neistat, Warby Parker, WagnerColumbus Symphony Orchestra and their Mascot BEE-thoven, Chocolate Rain, and of course James Bond! As a special treat, Adam, our producer, joins the podcast in front of the mic.

Adam Grant and his ted talk about original thinkers. He discusses: Procrastination, Irons in the Fire, Doubt the Idea/Don’t doubt yourself among other things:

Casey Neistat, greatest year of his life:

Also, one of the coolest Casey videos just came out:

Original Chocolate Rain video – 111 million views:

In honor of 007 episode we also picked out favorite James Bond actors. Pierce and Sean were the winners of that poll.

In case you didn’t believe me, here is the photo of Putin and Steven Seagal as Putin signed his passport:

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