Entreprenerds 004 Crowd-Funding

New this week – we are titling episodes! I know!!

This one is all about crowd-funding. Mostly we talk about indiegogo and kickstarter.

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We bring our conversation about roll: Bicycle Company full circle with an exclusive interview with founder Stuart Hunter.maxresdefault 

In another exclusive, we talk to Daniel the Retailer’s dad, Clay, about his early adopter mindset. He has supported a number of indiegogo and kickstarter campaigns including: Qadrioarm, iTraq, maxpump, case remote air, icloak, sofft, tiko, Plan V, Meater, and Field Skillet.

dad snorkel

One local example we mention is the Quickey from Trident Designsdxf3DD1.tmp

Of course when speaking of Columbus and crowd-funding the conversation turned to potato salad…

Lessons from Stuart’s interview include:

  • He loved Momofuku and its founder, David Chang.
  • Custom is not the same as Personalized. “
  • “[Crowd-funding] is bloody hard work.”
  • “You realize how few unicorns there are!”
  • “We don’t separate our work life and our home life. We just have  ‘our life.'”
  • Reach Stuart at stuart@roll-online.com

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