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Another Podcast! So much cool stuff this time.

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It’s all about purpose! In this episode we have some great quotables like:

“Connect your purpose to everything you do.”

“Purpose needs to be strong enough that you are willing to do it for free.”

“Purpose needs to be audacious and authentic.”

“All anybody really wants is to feel important.” 

It begins with some words of Simon Sinek. See my previous post about Simon and Cpt. Swenson here. The videos are terrific. His book Leaders Eat Last is a must read.

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We reference the great book It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For by Roy Spence.


“The least paid person in any organization is often the person who interacts with the customer first. If you intend to have a purpose that communicates with the customers, then you must motivate the person who has the least amount of skin in the game to identify with the purpose and connect it to the customer experience.”

We commented on Whole Foods and their healthy discount. The press is mixed on this as it originally included larger discounts for lower BMI scores as one unit of measure. This was not taken well by some obesity educators and activists. Overall, a better discount for those who can lower their cholesterol and stop smoking sounds like good motivation to us.

The Container Store and Kip Tindell’s idea of “wake” helps us articulate the power of a great leader and the impact of everyone’s role in the company. Check out his remarks on this during a commencement speech at Babson College. 

I had a 5 minute rant about a bad experience (minute 12 to minute 17 if you’d like to skip it).

We mentioned Asterisk Supper Club – so good. Check it out in Westerville.

After mentioning Chipotle’s e coli problems and how Jeni’s expertly handled the listeria discovery, we determined that “the only currency is transparency” in the information age.

The following are the three keys to finding the best talent:

Have Patience, Take Risks, & Look for Passion

We mentioned Stuart Hunter from roll: Bicycle Company again (look for our interview with him on our next show).

Macy’s announces a redesign – and closing 100 stores.

Katz Tires is the best tire shop in town.

And of course we mentioned Jane Grote Abell from Donatos and Hot Chicken Takeover, because we have an #EntreprenerdCrush on them.

All that in just 40 minutes!

Until next time….


(As always, thank you to Adam, The Producer, for making us sound like we know what were doing.)

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