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We have just recorded and wrapped up our second podcast!

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Speaking of instagram…. we mentioned Compton construction  in a recent post about an article in Columbus Business First. Compton Construction is owned by local entrepreneur Blake Compton. Some recent projects include: Mikey’s Late Night Slice, Hot Chicken Takeover, and check out Land Grant Brewing’s page for some before and after pictures!


This time we follow up on the roll: Bicycle Company kickstarter who have reached over $23k in their efforts to get this new venture. With plenty of early bird bikes left ($150 discount!), they should surely hit their goal of $40k in the next 19 days. Help them out! Even $15 gets you a sweet roll: water bottle. They just today posted a video with Jeni’s CEO John Lowe about why he loves the new bikes (Sweet!).The other cool entrepreneurs we saw at the event: Joe DeLossJeni Britton Bauer, and cancer crusader Doug Ulman (he has over 1m followers on twitter)!


We update everyone on the huge success of the Drag Event for Pelotonia to defeat cancer. Daniel has raised over $11,000 (with the match from L Brands).

This was a special book review version of Entreprenerds. We featured two recent books.


First, The Crown Ain’t Worth Much by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, He is a Eastside Columbus native and  a Capital University grad. I mentioned that my first connection to him was reading this NYTimes article.  We played one of his poems that he performed – At The House Party Where We Found Out Whitney Houston Was Dead.

You can buy his book of poetry at Button Poetry’s website. You can also read his terrific MTV articles here.  Listen in the episode for Karim’s explanation of how Hanif’s name translates from the Arabic to English in a very appropriate way.

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Secondly, we discussed The Missing Piece: Doing Business the Donatos Way by Jane Grote Abell. Daniel thought he “grew up” on Donatos Pizza, but Jane explains how she literally grew up with Donatos. She covers everything from the first restaurant that Jim Grote bought from Don Potts, to the Edge to Edge trademark and litigation with Pizza Hut, then the BuyOut from McDonald’s, and Jane’s journey through all of it –including her decision to convince the family to buy back the business from McDonalds only 4 years after its purchase (she even discusses her Undercover Boss episode)

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