MBA Today.


I earned my MBA today.

As one of the inaugural Dream BIG Scholarship winners from the National Retail Federation, I spent 18 months earning my Master’s at the University of Phoenix.

The last two months have been the most difficult. I have spent so many nights over the last 75 days in the hospital with mom. It is hard to feel closer to your family than those moments you lie awake holding hands hoping for a better tomorrow – those days when “the future” is measured in hours, not years.


Priorities come into perspective.

So many caring souls have supported me throughout my journey the last year and a half. My work family at The Container Store understood my schedule and needs. My friends knew Monday nights were off limits as I finished my work at the last moment. Douglas lived virtually alone as I wiled away in the office trying to finish projects and participate in class discussions.

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers and words of encouragement. This education is ours. We earned it together.

If you want to be part of my next goal please try to find a way to donate, ride, virtual ride, or volunteer for Pelotonia. See my page.

Thank you.



3 Replies to “MBA Today.”

  1. Congratulations! That is with a “t” not a “g”. However it is pronounced Wow what an achievement especially with all the other things to handle.

  2. Congratulations Dan! You are awe inspiring to have achieved such an incredible goal while delicately balancing all that you did. Cheers to you, my friend! xx

  3. You are so inspirational Daniel. I am currently in my MBA class with phoenix. finishing the corporate finance and starting Marketing, Management later then Statistics, and the final class to apply everything.

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