Family Ties: #HappinessBundle

If you want to fall asleep, count sheep. If you want to feel alive, count your blessings.

I am so fortunate. My family is the best. To counter my inherent bias, I have done an informal survey to confirm my suspicions. 

“You guys are awesome!” – Meghan Stenger via Facebook

See, Meghan gets it.

My mother is fighting Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Click here for info about AML. While you are there, feel free to donate to

When it seems difficult, I remember this from Timber Hawkeye, founder of Buddhist Boot Camp :


My mom has some pretty amazing support around her.

Her 5 siblings include Dorothy, who has become a fixture at the hospital many days, Sandy, a Red Cross nurse who lives and breathes vital blood donations, Cindy, the “hawaii sister” who will be traveling half a day and 4500 miles to be here, Terry, the Dayton Deacon leading up the prayers, and Ginny, the perfect bone marrow transplant match.

Our father, Clay, has been a big supporter and puts my mother first every day.

Then, there are my brothers and sisters! Joel, Pat, Alaina, and Kristin are amazing. Kristin and I have spent a lot of time with mom in the hospital and this past week, Joel, Pat, and Alaina came from out of town to all be together. The first time since 2010!

They are such an inspirational family. My brother found a link to send ecards for free to my mom that the James Cancer Center staff deliver every day. As long as you know her name, Nancy White, and room number, 1535, you can add to the 300 already sent!

Cards on moms wall

Then, we took to the snow and carved out a message for the whole James Cancer Center. #cncrsux

cncrsux for mom

Here we are making the snow angels above the letters and then a selfie in front of our work.

now angels for mom

kids taggin the snow for mom

We were overwhelmed with support on social media and then, the OSU Media relations reached out and WNBC 4 & WBNS 10TV did stories on it. My mother said that the message hit her “like a happiness bundle.” I love that.


Here are some other great pics from the past week.

mom in crew shirt mom in window 11051961_10155190025455161_2783159876685568910_n Car full of kids
This last picture was posted by my twin brother Patrick. My mother enjoys the sunset with my older brother Joel standing with her. Patrick reminds us: “Life is beautiful. Cherish it. Every day.”
Mom and Joel and sunset
I hope each of you get your #HappinessBundle today.
Mine comes every time I see my amazing family all together.
talk later,
doug and i
p.s. My partner, Douglas, has been a great supporter of the time and attention I need during this trying ordeal. We will get through it together.

5 Replies to “Family Ties: #HappinessBundle”

  1. Love you Dan, what an awesome post. Saw your mom on Tv love the snow angels. Wishing your mom good health from this point forward.

  2. Sadly “Mom” passed away July 12 being unable to generate platelets and overcome the AML. Leukemia is a nasty disease. The family again came together to care for each other at her passing and in all of the preparations for viewing, funeral etc. I am sure the closeness and support of everyone would have thrilled “mom”.

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