Le Tour vs. Pelotonia


Le Tour, aka the tour de France, begins today with stages in the United Kingdom and France covering more than 3600 kilometers. Here is the map:


To put that into perspective, that would be like riding your bike from Los Angeles, California to Anchorage, Alaska!


Almost 3 days by car…

My own 180 mile ride for Pelotonia in August is like a two stage tour – complete with my own Peloton (team of riders).

Heres my Peloton from last year:



One big difference, le Tour involves just 200 riders, Pelotonia has 6500! The other major difference, le Tour spends millions of dollars on advertising and training elite athletes on essentially a showcase of talent and some elaborate cheating using ellicit drugs. Pelotonia, on the contrary, raises millions of dollars and brings together people of all abilities and ages to solve one goal – END CANCER. Instead of developing new doping methods Pelotonia develops new life saving cancer crushing drugs that represent the absolute latest and greatest on medical science.

So, while le Tour may be an interesting distraction this month, next month Pelotonia will actually be doing something great.

It’s easy to think that someone like Lance Armstrong can complete le Tour, but when you watch a seven time cancer survivor with one leg cross the 180 mile finish of Pelotonia – raising millions of dollars in the process – your whole world changes. Mine did.

The biggest difference between the people who make the world better and those who don’t is the will to do so.

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