News that isn’t Malaysia Flight 370

We have been bombarded with news about Malaysia Flight 370 recently. This is not a post about that. For the latest on that tragic story click here. While it is certain 100% that these passengers lives are lost, air travel remains one of the safest ways to travel. In fact, all transportation related deaths in the U.S. have decreased frequency by a factor of 20 in the last 20 years! The rate of death in 1990 in ALL transportation modes reported was 0.2% of the population (47,350) in 2010 it was just 0.01% (35,780) even though the population increased by 60,000,000 people. By the way, of the 35,780 deaths in 2010, a full 32,999 or 92% were highway related. Here is a graph to illustrate the difference:

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 10.43.58 AM


For news that matters, like two different civil wars please visit these links:

Bangkok Rising, Thailand’s brewing civil war between the Red Shirts and the Yellow Shirts.

Russia warns of civil war in ukraine:

And, because not all news is bad news. Here is an incredible video of the world’s fastest woman Ellen Brennan base jumping in a wing suit (at 40 seconds she jumps):


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