Why I Still Watch American Idol

american idol

“You are the only person still watching American Idol!”

You can thank my fiancé for the scolding above. The following is my defense:

  • I am not the only person watching. According to Nielsen, American Idol continued to be in the Top ten primetime shows of 2013 with more than 13,000,000 viewers (both Wednesday & Thursday broadcasts).
  • I am an optimist. I love seeing other optimists perform. Regardless of their talent, these contestants believe in themselves and give it their everything in front of 13 million people. That is inspiring.
  • Shows like this offer some accountability to a generation that is much maligned for their coddling. 15 singers were told they were in the live shows. Only 10 were allowed to perform – the other 5 were cut on live TV after hearing everyone else’s name called. (JLo reminded them that their mentors on this episode, Adam Lambert & Chris Daughtry, also did not win American Idol. Yeah, but at least they were allowed to perform!)
  • I like to believe I can sing. Which according to this is a good thing.

After a long day of work and an evening of studies, I can turn on my DVR, watch some mildly talented young people belt their hearts out, and fast forward through the commercials and the pageantry.

For a few great performances:

Caleb Johnson (from Asheville, NC – one of my favorite cities)

Sam Woolf (he was just accepted to Berklee College of Music)

Majesty Rose (her audition – still amazing)

What are your thoughts?

talk to you later,


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