Metis – the inspiration for metigraphy

There is so much to share that needs more than 140 characters. Twitter and Facebook and Instagram have their place, but I have more to share. Metigraphy has been in my mind for many years.

I am a consumer of ideas. I read and digest everything from CNN to dlisted and books by Raj Sisodia and David Sedaris. My blog will be wholly me, but very diverse.


Metis, is the name of the Greek Titan goddess of “good counsel, advise, planning, cunning, craftiness and wisdom.” (Interestingly enough, she was swallowed by Zeus when he was counseled that their child would be more powerful than him. Despite his best efforts, Athena was born shortly thereafter out of Zeus’ head! That’s a good bedtime story.)

ath_sto is a collection of thoughts. These are my stories and ideas. I am driven to record them somewhere. Those of you who know me understand that my handwriting is pretty poor so blogging is a better forum for all of us.

If you do read these posts, please share and comment to keep the discussion going. Please be respectful, or I will swallow you whole like Zeus!

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