The Sexual Harassment Episode – Episode 24

Season 2 begins with a round up of the movement to expose and topple evil and powerful men who have histories of harassing and assaulting people.

We talk about Matt Lauer’s button, Charlie Rose’s robe, and Garrison Keillor’s “prairie home companion.”

Karim and I take a close look at the “Silence Breakers” TIME People of the Year.

We focus our discussion on explaining how these men are NOT Conscious Leaders. In fact, they are not leaders at all. They come from a long line of men who hide behind their power and practice constant sexual harassment and often sexual violence.

This is not a fun topic, but I hope you will find it interesting as we break down the crazy times we are in. We make fun of the ridiculous things these men did and how stupid they are to try and deny the crescendo of accusations.

We talk about some other stories you have not heard in the news – Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Andy Signore of Honest Trailer & Screen Junkies.

There are a lot of female voices lifting up the chorus of victims. It is important for us to recognize the power and place for men to also speak out and raise the alarm when we see these abuses.

Keep fighting.

English is your first Language – Episode 23

English is probably your first language. For a few generations now, English has been the language of business and science. This means that energetic and promising young minds around the world want to learn English.

Karim, our co-founder, speaks English as a second language. He speaks Arabic fluently and probably a few others. Fluency is not asking where el baño is. Karim literally can understand complex engineering concepts in more than one language. Pretty sweet.

While at college in Columbus at The Ohio State University, Karim met Daniel Montague.

Today’s episode, we interview Daniel about his new business as a matchmaker for aspiring teachers of English as a foreign language (TEFL).

TEFL Recruits has been in business for over a year. This is a critical time for an entrepreneur. Daniel and his wife are working on expanding their business to help even more English speaking college grad to navigate the waters of a career teaching English.

His approach is personal and engaged. Best of all for recruits, his services are FREE! The schools pay him to find quality recruits to fill their positions. Having spent years teaching in these locations himself, he is able to make sure that the school that he is sending recruits to is high quality and exceeds certain standards.

From TEFL Recruits Facebook Page:  

I knew nothing about this part of the global economy before spending an hour with Daniel who was on a quick trip in Ohio on his way back to South Africa.

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Travis Owens – Curio at Harvest – Episode 22

One of our favorite activities in Columbus is sitting across a bar from Travis Owens. Usually it means a fine cocktail crafted by hand with fresh ingredients. Drinks at Curio at Harvest are inspired by the days of the speakeasy, like a white whiskey sour, or the day’s news, like the “Bad Hombre”. (The Bad Hombre, a jab at 45, sounds tasty as hell – tequila, mezcal, grapefruit liqueur, lime, honey, and bitters –  topped off with a $2 donation to the ACLU.) Curio has been ranked, objectively of course, as the “Best Cocktail Bar in the Western Hemisphere.”

photo credit: James Smith for 614

Travis spent his college years in Columbus and Florida studying plants and sound engineering – all while working in the bar business. Judging by his Instagram page, you would assume he studied fine art as well.

Below: frozen water attracts hundreds of social media likes- the most liked picture on Curio’s whole Instagram, in fact.

In this podcast, in addition to our lengthy discussion about ice, we talk about bars that inspire Travis, the great people he has worked with over the years, and the passion that drives him.

Travis has surrounded himself with great people including his wife, Emily, and their 1 year old (TODAY!) Oliver – next time you are in the bar, ask Travis to see a picture of this adorable nugget of cuteness.

Today is Sunday – go get a Ramos Gin Fizz from your favorite boozy brunch spot.

Bars and Speakeasies mentioned by Travis:

The Silver Dollar in Louisville


Death and Co. – NYC

Giuseppe’s Ritrovo – Bexley – aka Best Italian Restaurant in the Midwest

Porco Lounge in Cleveland

Travis also mentioned a favorite Columbus entrepreneur:

Joe DeLoss of Hot Chicken Takeover.

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The Goulet Pen Company – Episode 21

Pop quiz! What do you talk about on youtube to get 75k subscribers or 640k views on a single video…

Times UP!

The answer, of course, is FOUNTAIN PENS!

Today we are joined by Brian Goulet of The Goulet Pen Company. A business founded by Brian and Rachel Goulet.

Karim is kind of a pen nerd. Brian is a pen entrepreNerd!

Brian, educated in commercial real estate, tired of traveling and business suits, began a woodworking hobby. Slowly, the shape of a pen emerges from his lathe and a business is born!

Not quite.

Listen to the full interview to understand how a hobby turns into a business. Plus hear Karim geek out over the personal note he received in his first fountain pen purchase.

Visit The Goulet Pen Company’s youtube channel if you need to understand hooded nibs a bit more.

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Raj Sisodia, founder of Conscious Capitalism – Episode 20

Our ONE year anniversary

We have talked to some amazing people over the year and are so grateful to all of them. Along the way, Conscious Capitalism and purpose have been the connecting theme.

Karim and Adam and Daniel thank you with this awesome interview!

The man who co-founded Conscious Capitalism joins us for an enlightening and entertaining podcast. 45 minutes of solid truth!

Raj Sisodia is F.W. Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business and Whole Foods Market Research Scholar in Conscious Capitalism at Babson College, and Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Conscious Capitalism Inc. He has a Ph. D. in Marketing from Columbia University. He has been cited as one of “50 Leading Marketing Thinkers,” noted as one of the “Ten Outstanding Trailblazers of 2010,” and one of the “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior.”

Raj has published many books and over 100 academic articles. His books include some of our required reading favorites: Firms of Endearment, Conscious Capitalism, The Rule of Three, Shakti Leadership, and Everybody Matters.

We hear his thoughts on:

We can’t express how important this interview will be for you.

We want to take the time to thank some amazing people that have spent time behind the mic on our show this year:

Stuart Hunter of roll bicycle company
Tony Capuano of Snap Fitness cbus
Matthew Grossman of Idegy
Haley Boehning & Barry Chandler of Storyforge
Kristy Campbell of rev1 Ventures
Chris Davison of Wolf’s Ridge Brewing
Claire Coder of Aunt Flow & Tom Burden of Grypmat
Matt Helt of Techstars & Dan Rockwell of Big Kitty Labs
Justin Johnston of Wild Goose Creative
Elaine Grogan Lutrull of Minerva Financial Arts
Danielle Evans of Marmalade Bleue

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Danielle Evans – Marmalade Bleue – Episode 19

We knew that Danielle would be the perfect columbus creative entrepreneur to feature for our last podcast of Creative Entrepreneur Week.

When I emailed to set up this interview, Danielle asked me to meet at her house in Schumacher Place to save on her car2go bill, “just let me know if you can accommodate my bizarre millennial lifestyle.”

When I met Danielle Evans at her home, I saw the sketches above on her work table. As the founder of Marmalade Bleue, a creative agency that specializes in photo illustration and typography, Danielle has been in all our homes! Her work is so present in our lives you may be watching a Fazoli’s commercial watching cheesy hearts burst like fireworks and not realize it is Danielle who is making you hungry. To give you an idea of the creative process, check out this video from a Columbus Monthly project.

Her client list includes Target, Disney, American Greetings, Aria, TAZO, FYI for SXSW, Lays, Parade, Condé Nast, Tesco, Bath & Body Works, Cadillac, Purina, theGuardian, FOUR, DiGiornio’s, The Washington Post, Seattle Times, LDS , and Kellogg.

She has an incredible positive energy and her business has a terrific positive momentum. She discusses the control she can give up, like getting an agent and an accountant, and what she needs to hold onto – creative control.

Here is the TWO minute documentary from one of her projects for Target. She discusses how she is inspired in the impermanence of her work.

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Elaine Grogan Lutrull – Minerva Financial Arts – Episode 18

Elaine Grogan Luttrull – founder of Minerva Financial Arts, author of Arts and Numbers, and Department Head of Business and Entrepreneurship at CCAD sat down with Daniel from Entreprenerds Podcast to discuss the language of business and how she has spent her career translating that into the artist lexicon. The following are some reactions to her work and her book:

“No longer shall the artist be fearful of finances.” —Columbus Alive!

“Too often, creative professionals push aside financial matters to the detriment of their artistic pursuits. Wading through tax documents and scouring up money for rent payments are all-too-familiar staples of the artistic lifestyle…. This volume is an engaging, accessible guide that covers a variety of topics.” —Opera America


Below is a great reminder to creatives of all disciplines painted outside of CCAD.

A gleaming beacon of creative inspiration, the ART sculpture designed by Doris Schlayn rises above CCAD’s campus.

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Check back to the Creative Entrepreneur Week post for updates and more info about resources and events in Columbus.

Thank you to Elaine for the great interview!

Justin Johnston, Wild Goose Creative – Episode 17

*photo by Lauren Garms for Columbus Underground

We launch Creative Entrepreneur Week with our interview with Justin Johnston. Justin became the inaugural Executive Director of Wild Goose Creative in 2015. Before that role, he worked as a classically trained clarinetist, performing with the Chicago Symphony, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Toronto Symphony and toured the world as a Schleswig-Holstein Fellow.

Entreprenerds first visited Wild Goose Creative during #WildArtColumbus. This is a month-long program that draws together the best of social media and the gathering energy of community-driven arts. Each day/artist was sponsored by a local business, organization, or individual. Entreprenerds sponsored Mackenzie Burkhardt

We love what Justin and the Wild Goose team provide the community. He confidently asserts that Columbus is not just the #1 Tech Startup City in America, but also is the #1 Creative Startup City as well.

We do not disagree – Wild Goose is a huge part of that. 

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Announcing the first ever Creative Entrepreneur Week!

This inaugural week, June 18-24, 2017, is going to include some amazing interviews. We will also be featuring the incredible and vibrant creative resources and events in Columbus and beyond!

Episode 1: Justin Johnston – Executive Director of Wild Goose Creative, a non profit community arts organization. He also earned the very first DMA in Arts Enterprise from The Ohio State University (he invented the degree!) Listen to episode 1 – LIVE now!

Episode 2: Elaine Grogan Luttrull – founder of Minerva Financial Arts, author of Arts and Numbers, and Department Head of Business and Entrepreneurship at CCAD – hear her interview LIVE now!

Episode 3: Danielle Evans – Creative Entrepreneur -Letterer/Typographer – Founder of  and . Hear her interview HERE!

A great event calendar of creative events around town is through one of our favorite resources, the Columbus Underground event calendar.

Some of our favs for this week include:

  • Sunlight Market – June 25th – and Moonlight Market – July 8th – these monthly events on Gay street allows small businesses – mostly creative entrepreneurs – to bring their product directly to you!
  • Hilliard Short Film Festival – First one ever! If you are a Creative Entrepreneur/Film maker, you can submit your short film or complete one that can be submitted before August 1st.
  • Engineering Utopia – Engineering Utopia is an exhibition highlighting the interactions between artists and engineers, particularly focusing on major collaborations happening at The Ohio State University through July 15th at the Urban Arts Space (old Lazarus building downtown).
  • Tales from the Vault: 40 Years/40 Stories – In 40 YEARS/40 STORIES, explore 40 stories about fascinating collectors, groundbreaking comics, controversial cartoons, influential characters, innovative cartoonists, and more.
  • Franklinton East-West Collaborative: Call for Proposals – July 1st – We’re creatively addressing the elephant in the room: that there’s a clear divide between east and west Franklinton. This is a call to artists, especially those working in east Franklinton: we’re interested in seeing your ideas for public art projects that work collaboratively with west Franklinton residents.

More to be updated soon. Keep checking back all next week!

*featured photo included was taken of a work in progress at the home of Danielle Evans

Startup Week part 2 Matt Helt & Dan Rockwell – Episode 16

This episode includes a Big Kitty and an Oracle of Omaha! Thanks to Matt Neff of EntreNeato who co-hosted and provided the audio equipment. Check out their podcast too!


Matt Helt is the Director of Startup Week at Techstars. In this role, Matt works with organizing teams all around the world to host Startup Week in their cities.

Here is a video about Columbus Startup Week (from 2015):

We also talked to the amazing Dan Rockwell from Big Kitty Labs. His no bullshit approach to mentorship and networking will help any entrepreneur understand the speed and stakes of a startup life!

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